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Welcome to Stellar Eye Care in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Ensuring crisp and clear vision is only one part of first-rate eye care. In addition to testing visual acuity, our eye doctors focus on the comprehensive and long-term health of your eyes and vision. Using the latest in optometric technology such as digital imaging, in our Oshkosh office, we will inspect your eyes thoroughly with a comprehensive eye and vision assessment.

Our optometric experts stay up to date with the rapid progress of medicine and technology, so you benefit from precise diagnoses and optimal treatments. Many common eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma, do not present symptoms until a late stage. For early detection and effective medical treatment of eye disease, visit our highly qualified and skilled eye doctors regularly for a comprehensive eye exam.

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Our lenses offer you the highest quality at the best value. We are also experts with high prescriptions and progressive lenses. All of our lenses can achieve the best optical clarity with a glare-free option


Contact Lens Services

Each patient is different, with some patients wearing contact lenses only on weekends, special occasions or just for sports. That is the beauty of contact lens wear, the flexibility it gives each individual patient and their lifestyle.

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Comprehensive Eye Care

Dr. Dean Delwiche, Dr. Brianne Scanlon and take a preventative approach when it comes to vision correction and maintaining your eye health.

Eye Care Services

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